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Latina is the capital of the province of Latina in the Lazio region, in central Italy. The city has about 110,000 inhabitants and is thus the second largest city of the region. It was founded in 1932 under the name Littoria when the area surrounding it, which had been a swamp since Antiquity, was drained.


The municipality borders on Aprilia, Cisterna di Latina, Nettuno, Pontinia, Sabaudia, Sermoneta and Sezze.


Latina was founded on June 30, 1932, with the Fascist name of Littoria. The city was inaugurated on December 18 of the same year. Littoria was populated with immigrants coming mainly from Friuli and Veneto, who formed the so-called Venetian-Pontine community (today surviving only in some peripherical boroughs). The edifices and the monuments, mainly in neo-classical style, were designed by famous architects and artists such as Marcello Piacentini, Angiolo Mazzoni and Duilio Cambellotti.
In 1934 it became a provincial capital and, after World War II, renamed Latina in 1946. With the arrival of other people mostly from Lazio itself, the original Venetian-like dialect was increasingly substituted by a form of Romanesco dialect.

Famous people born in Latina


The city has some pharmaceutical, chemical industry, cheese production and has a strong service sector. Latina is also an important centre for agriculture (vegetables, flowers, sugar, fruit, cheese and derivates).
The former nuclear-power station is now closed.


Latina Scalo, Latina Lido, Borgo Sabotino, Borgo Santa Maria, Borgo Bainsizza, Borgo Montello, Borgo Podgora, Borgo Piave, Borgo Carso, Chiesuola, Tor Tre Ponti, Borgo Faiti, Borgo San Michele, Borgo Grappa, Borgo Isonzo.
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